Setting aside religious teachings about how to live life, it is still prevalent even in the societal ways to live a purpose driven life. Actions are rewarded based on intentions, I got to know this in my religious life style first. But got stuck to my brain when life experiences exposed me to the reality.

Many a times, we set out to perform tasks with wrong intention. Many do this either to attract someone’s attention or to win a bet or rather to prove to someone they’re the best.

I’d rather say “DO IT FOR YOURSELF”. Ask yourself if this is really what you wanted to do with your life rather than trying to prove your worth to someone who won’t value it. If you set out to carry out a task for someone, you’ll end up a failure when you get disappointed. Not everyone who challenge you is worth jeopardizing your efforts and talents for. If you have to prove anything, prove it to yourself and not anyone.


“A step driven with a personal and positive purpose yields a self sufficient with tremendous results”